Luxury Homes in Cambodia: What Sets it Apart From Other Properties

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Living in well-decorated properties allows you to have the best life there is. Hence, having a luxury home can help make your lifestyle the lavish and opulent one that you deserve. However, what exactly do luxury homes have that other properties do not? 

Find out now so you can make sure you know what to upgrade in your home or what to buy the next time you’re looking for Cambodian houses for sale below:

High security system

Luxury homes can often be found within gated communities or within condo buildings that have top notch security systems. These residential developments have security guards 24/7 in key areas to ensure the protection of those living within it from heinous crimes. Strict guidelines are enforced on who can enter the community or building, wherein the home owner usually notifies security guards beforehand to minimize security risks. This all means that your safety is guaranteed in luxury homes in Cambodia since security measures are strict and are taken seriously all the time.

High-quality bathroom

One of the key features of luxury properties in houses for sale or rent in Cambodia is the high-quality bathroom. These bathrooms take relaxing into another level, allowing you to unwind after a hectic day. Bathroom fittings differ per house but you can expect the following to be included: an overhead rain shower, a sunken tub you can relax in for hours, and water systems where you can control the pressure and temperature.

Most of all, what makes these bathrooms the best is the detailed architecture and careful design. Whether it’s a modern bathroom or follows Khmer architecture, high-quality bathrooms have a simple overall color from walls to the floor and bold accents to emphasize key features like the tub, toilet, and more. These accents can be rich colored hues in specific areas, bright textures, or bathroom pieces that will elevate your bathroom experience in style.

Smart home system

Besides opulence, convenience is the key in luxurious real estate properties. A smart security system that allows you to see what’s going on within or outside of your home is necessary. After all, even if the property is within a safe community, you can never be too safe so it’s best to have a high-end security system. These systems can be connected to your phone and notifies you if there are unusual movements in or around the property.

Not only that but luxury properties have cutting-edge utility systems that you can control via motion sensor or app. This applies to most of everything within the home, including curtains, lights, thermostat, and more.

Luxurious home theater

Watching your favorite shows and movies can be done in style every single time since most opulent real estate properties have a home theater. This is often equipped with a large flat-screen smart TV, cinema-grade speakers that allows you to hear every nuance in the show, and comfortable recliner chairs.

Home gym

Most luxury properties have a room dedicated for fitness where numerous—if not all—high-end equipment can be found. Additionally, these rooms can include a state-of-the art studio carefully designed for fitness and a spa room to take their fitness to another level.

Walk-in closet

Most of the time, a walk-in closet is a separate area that extends your bedroom wherein you can put anything your heart desires. In luxury properties, a walk-in closet can be massive in area and have a separate smart security system to protect high-end products like clothes, bags, shoes, and more. Additionally, walk-in closets can have numerous mirrors to make it easier to see yourself while putting an outfit together.

Modern deluxe kitchen

Besides having a convenient and smart home, one of the characteristics that luxury properties have that others don’t is a beautiful deluxe and high-end kitchen. The kitchen is outfitted with state-of-the art appliances and smart systems to make cooking a bliss and easy every single time. The architectural design of these kitchens are often modern with sleek marble or granite integrated into the kitchen islands and more.

Magnificent home office

Working from home is easier and more convenient in luxury properties due to the home office having high-quality furnishings. Anything you need to optimize your work like state-of-the art equipment to conduct conferences, meetings, and print or scan documents are outfitted into the room.

These offices often have a beautiful interior design that accentuates minimalism to optimize workflow. Additionally, the home office’s architecture and design makes your background during meetings better.

Lavish bedrooms

Everything you need to have a blissful night’s rest is outfitted in a luxury home’s bedroom. From top quality duvets, pillows to lavish furnishings optimized for your comfort, all of these can be found in opulent real estate properties in Cambodia! Not only that but smart systems are integrated into the bedroom wherein you can control the lights, windows, and communicate with family from another room using a room intercom.

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