5 Countries Offering the Best Investment Opportunity in 2024

The real estate sector has undergone massive changes in the past few years, especially on a positive trajectory. Many countries worldwide brought in significant investment opportunities for people, and 2024 will be no less.

With ease of inflation and normalization across the global supply-demand chain, people will likely invest much in real estate. But where do they invest? What countries are likely to bring about a better return on investments in real estate?

Let’s uncover some secrets of the best investment opportunities 2024 with IPS Cambodia!

Top 5 Countries to Invest in 2024

If you’re in search of countries to invest in real estate, here are some of them:

1. Cambodia

Despite its tragic past, Cambodia has come up as one of the most stable economies in today’s time. The country is also estimated to have one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. In the past few years, Cambodia has managed to maintain a sustainable GDP. In regards to purchasing power parity, the estimated GDP of Cambodia by 2023 was $80 billion.

Investing in Cambodia can help you generate higher returns because of rapid urbanization and tourism especially in its capital Phnom Penh. Several companies are establishing their sub-branches in this region, also calling for increased demand for real estate. Cambodia attracts millions of tourists every year, which indicates the positive trajectory of real estate here.


2. Japan

Considering Cambodia’s real estate market, it may be safe to assume that Japan’s lost decades are gone now. Japanese assets are in huge demand and are a better bargain than other countries.

As per the latest trends, real estate prices in Japan are expected to go higher than in Seoul, Korea whereas earlier Seoul’s housing prices used to be 100 million won higher than that of Japan’s. Moreover, Japan is also driving investments from wealthy investors in China, contributing to the spike in real estate. Ever since the travel restrictions on the country have been lifted, the country’s seen an increase in demand for high-rise condos. Moreover, investing in land may bring you more opportunities.

3. Singapore

Considering how much it offers, you can always go right with your real estate investment in Singapore. Singapore is hailed to be one of Asia’s most expensive real estate markets. While the property prices are considerably high, they are expected to go even higher, so investing here would generate better returns.

On average, the properties in Singapore are priced at $US 20,000 per square meter, which is higher than in London, Paris, or New York. However, if you invest in less popular places in Singapore, the yield may be considerably lower.

4. Netherlands

The Dutch economy stands stable and strong today, offering various financing options to investors. Real estate investors will likely get additional benefits since it is also a part of the EU. Considering its rich historical heritage and architecture, the Netherlands is one of the best places to invest in today’s time.

TourismTourismTourism is also high in the Netherlands, making it another reason to invest here. The property prices in the Netherlands are quite high, along with the demand. The average price of housing in the Netherlands is around €6,140 to €7,200 per square meter.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia is a hidden gem when it comes to investing in real estate. Compared to most Asian countries, Malaysia offers foreign ownership of freehold properties with very few restrictions. Moreover, you can also purchase land as a foreigner in this region.

Many investors choose Malaysia over Singapore to purchase land, considering the ease of ownership. Moreover, the investment prices for Malaysia are also lower than those of other Southeast Asian countries. Comparatively, you may find properties in Kuala Lumpur for only US$2000-3000 per square meter.

Why Should You Invest in These Countries?

Investing in the top countries can help you generate a high return on investment. It will bring numerous benefits to your overall business, but there are more. Some of the other reasons you should prefer investing in these countries include:

Investment diversification

When you invest in foreign real estate, especially in the growing economies, you can generate a strong, diverse investment portfolio. This is a safe strategy that will help you generate a higher income.


A lot of these countries provide tax benefits for foreign investors. Consider investing in the real estate sector of these economies without paying taxes.

Diverse currency benefits

Many of these countries are in the growing phase and can derive significant benefits when investing here. Considering the diverse currency benefits, you’re likely to capitalize on the currency of that particular country.

Quality of life

The quality of life is always on the move, emphasizing development and growth. Moreover, the cost of living is quite average to determine affordability.

Low-cost vacation

Investing in the real estate of a foreign land paves the way for a vacation home in that country. Thus, you can significantly reduce your vacation stay costs here.

Final Thoughts

Most of these countries are experiencing a surge in their economic conditions, driving investments from foreign lands in the industrial sector. This leads to an increase in the expat population, which further increases demand for real estate. Thus, it can be well-estimated that these countries have a demand for residential and commercial properties.

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