Why Should You Consider Buying a Duplex in Cambodia?

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Buying the right real estate property in Cambodia for you isn’t a simple matter of determining which one you can best see yourself living in. These days, a home is an investment you’re making for yourself and your family, something that will increase in value in years.

However, it’s possible that the property you need to buy can be both a home and an ongoing investment that will increase your profits as soon as possible rather than waiting for years.

If you think about it this way, then the right property for you is a duplex unit! There are a number of benefits in buying a duplex in Cambodia but the main reason is that it’s a flexible investment. You don’t only have a home but the opportunities to turn it into a profitable business are large. Besides that, there are a lot more advantages you need to know before deciding on buying a duplex so continue reading below.

It’s affordable


One of the best things about duplexes is that it’s affordable, more so than single detached properties. This is primarily because the privacy you have in a duplex can only be separated by one wall between homes. However, this does not mean that you completely lose your privacy since most duplex homes have thick walls that allow each dwelling its solitude.

Moreover, when you buy a duplex, there are a number of financing options with a duplex, making it easier on your budget. For example, if you are thinking of making the other half of your duplex into a rental property, then the profit you earn there can contribute to the mortgage, thereby lessening by a large margin the mortgages you’ll be paying.

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It’s easy to sell

Each half of the duplex are homes complete with their own kitchens, fixtures, living area, bedroom, and more. This makes it the ideal property especially for small families, young professionals, and even older citizens who don’t want to worry about too much space for their home. Considering that duplexes are also the more affordable option compared to other properties as well as other benefits it has, it’s easy to sell the property once you’ve decided to put it up in the market.

It’s an additional income stream


To ensure that you’re properly utilizing your duplex as an investment is by making the other half of it into a business. For example, you can make it into a rental property and find the right tenants that will occupy your unit. The income you get from rent will be good for your portfolio as well as help pay for the mortgages in your duplex. Additionally, if you have a different property you can live in, then you can make both sides of your duplex into a rental to double your rental profits.

Besides getting a tenant, you can turn it into a restaurant, a store, and more depending on what business you want.

It features larger space

Whether you work from home or have your own startup business, the other half of your duplex can be turned completely into an office or a workspace. It will allow you to have the privacy necessary for business purposes as well as be close to your home with time to spare once your day ends. You can also rent it out to another business or make it into a coworking space for professionals in your area.

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