A Guide for First-time Homebuyers: Key Aspects of a Starter Home

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Owning a home is one of the signs of being financially stable and making wise investments. If you’re looking to start your real estate investment journey by buying your first home, then you might need to start with a starter home. Generally, these homes are not ones that you’ll live in for the rest of your life but you can use and rent it out for a couple of years. Similar to buying your first phone or other investment options, having a starter home allows you to dip your hands into the real estate industry to get a better idea of what you need to buy later on.

Numerous Cambodia real estate properties can be your starter home, from a condo to a house. To make it easier for you to determine, IPS Cambodia has listed below the key aspects of a starter home:

Easy on the pockets

All starter homes are easy on the pockets. While they still cost a considerable sum, the amount you are shelling out when you buy your starter home is smaller and cost-effective. This is a good way to begin your real estate investment since you can increase the value of that starter home over the years via dozens of ways.

Low-cost maintenance and upgrades

Whether you need to repair something in your starter home, maintain, or upgrade areas and appliances in it, the budget you’ll need for it would be inexpensive. This is factoring in the size of the home as well as the materials used for it, making repairs, upgrades, and even labor fees to be cheaper compared to luxury homes.

Choose a convenient location

One of the most important aspects of a starter home is a convenient location. Always make sure that it’s located in an area close to your family, friends, and workplace to have a great and cozy lifestyle.

Choose your starter home with us!

Start making wise financial decisions now by getting a starter home. Make sure though that you are practical in deciding which one you need so you can make full use of it. Additionally, you can find any and all real estate properties you’re considering for your starter home here in IPS Cambodia. Choose your home now!

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