Tips for First-Time Real Estate Investors in Cambodia

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Cambodia offers real estate investment possibilities and wealth among Southeast Asia’s economies with the highest growth rates. However, first-time Cambodian real estate investors must follow some tips and research before investing.

First-time real estate investors must understand and analyse the real estate market and check the financing/ budgeting, legal requirements, and other aspects to make a profitable investment. First-time real estate buyers can make lucrative purchases in the real estate market in Cambodia by reaching IPS Cambodia to maximise profits by complying with their advice.

Importance Of Investing In Real Estate In Cambodia:

Investing in Cambodia Properties offers opportunities in different locations, whether modest or luxury properties. Due to the market’s diversity, investors can get properties that fit their risk tolerance and financial objectives. 

Here we have listed the aspects that make investing in real estate in Cambodia beneficial:


  • The comparatively affordable property cost is the main benefit for first-time investors in real estate in Cambodia. 
  • Cost-effective property options are available in Cambodia, compared to other Southeast Asian and industrialised nations. 
  • Investors can buy real estate at a suitable price and reap the future capital growth benefits. 
  • The low cost makes it an enticing choice for novice investors seeking a good yield on the money they want to invest. 
  • Furthermore, Cambodia has cost-effective living, which appeals to first-time buyers seeking to buy or invest in a property.

Increased Tourism

  • The tourism sector in Cambodia has been expanding gradually in recent years. 
  • According to abd.org, the average annual growth rate of real estate in Cambodia in 2023 is about 6.5%.

So, the demand for condos, the hospitality industry, service apartments, and other accommodations settings is increasing.

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Higher Rental Returns

  • Since property ownership in Cambodia is inexpensive and there is a growing need for renting properties, the returns on rentals are high. 
  • The ability to rent their properties provides first-time investors with a steady source of revenue.

Capital Growth Potential

  • Cambodia’s real estate market is anticipated to rise since the demand grows.
  • Long-term financial growth may benefit first-time investors who buy real estate.

Points to be Remembered by First-Time Investors in Cambodia

Understanding And Analysing the Real Estate Market

  • Understanding and evaluating the real estate market is essential for first-time real estate buyers in Cambodia. 
  • With high-rise real estate values, needs, and demand for residential real estate or business properties, the real estate market in Cambodia has quickly expanded in the past few years. 
  • First-time investors need to be aware of present trends in the real estate industry. These trends include those affecting property values, demand, supply, and other factors, to assess a property’s prospective for investment and spot possibilities for investment.
  • The Cambodian real estate market must be thoroughly investigated by investors, who can reach and consult with local experts and real estate agencies. Also, they must keep in mind the investment risks in the real estate market in Cambodia. 
  • These risks include regulatory requirements, political instability, and inadequate infrastructure. 
  • First-time investors can prevent these potential risks by understanding and analysing the market and minimising them through suitable investment approaches.

Establishing Investment Goals

  • Establishing investment goals is a crucial step for first-time real estate investors in Cambodia since it is essential to identify the intended investment effects. These effects are retirement preparation, short-term profits or wealth development for a longer period. Besides, a strategic plan by investors will help them learn their investment goals that suit their budget.
  • Besides, setting investment objectives must consider your risk tolerance and time horizon. Investments with a high risk have a higher return possibility with increased loss risks. However, while potentially producing smaller returns, low-risk investing offers additional security. 
  • When choosing a property, an investing plan is very important. Since short time horizons may call for other conservative approaches, prolonged time horizons may permit greater investing risks.
  • Regularly reviewing and adjusting your goals for investment ensures the attainability and reachability of the investment goals. 
  • By establishing and focusing on their objectives, investors may raise their likelihood of financial success.
  • Adjusting their approach to investing as necessary will also provide financial success.

Budgeting and Financing

  • Developing finance enables first-time investors in Cambodia to analyse the financial condition and decide the money allocation for investing in real estate. Besides, they can use it to find cost-reduction areas while freeing funds for investment.
  • Besides, a thorough consideration of financial choices is a must. Investments done through borrowed money increase the loss risk when you don’t get a profit. But, when wisely invested, money borrowed from other sources may become profitable. 
  • First-time investors may consider their credit score’s impact, terms and conditions, interest rates, and other factors when borrowing funds for investment.

Choosing the Right Property

  • Choosing the right property affects the first-time investor’s ability to get success in investing in real estate in Cambodia. Therefore, they must check the potential of capital growth, rental yield, demand, and other elements before investing.
  • Besides, the property’s location must be considered since people are attracted to prime locations with increased rental yields and proximity to public transportation, shopping centres, schools, eateries, etc.

Due Diligence

  • Due Diligence entails the investment’s thorough research to check if it is per the financial objectives of the first-time investors and to spot the risks involved. 
  • Investors must learn about the financial position, track record, and reputation of the person or the company selling the property. 
  • Besides, examining any governmental or legal requirements related to the investment must also be reviewed. 
  • Investment horizon, expected returns, potential rewards and risk assessments are crucial for first-time investors, helping them make an informed selection.

Regulatory And Legal Requirements

  • Understanding the regulatory and legal requirements associated with an investment in Cambodia is essential for first-time real estate investors. 
  • Since Cambodia has different rules and regulations than other regions, it is crucial to know them. 
  • Securities, properties, etc., are applied with specific regulatory and legal requirements that first-time investors must thoroughly research property valuation services before investing.
  • Complying with the local tax laws and obligations is crucial. So, investors must thoroughly know about property tax in Cambodia

Working with Professionals

  • Working with professionals is crucial for first-time investors since they guide and advise on financing options and approaches and ensure you abide by all the rules. 
  • They help you review contracts, assist with the legal landscape, and advise you to invest in the property with potential success.  
  • When performing due research, professionals usually advise that first-time investors consult a professional since they advise and inform about the investment’s possible risk, the right location, and the property’s future potential.


Real estate investing in Cambodia may be a wise choice for those first-time investors looking to broaden their investment choices and looking for profitable investment options. Besides, Cambodia is a desirable investment location due to its stable political climate, rapid economic development, appealing real estate values, and rising demand. 

Additionally, it is a feasible choice for first-time investors due to the potential for capital growth and high rental yields. As an investment advisor and premier real estate agency in Cambodia, IPS Cambodia is the right choice since it guides investors to get the possible benefits with minimum risks.

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