Strong Growth Ahead: IMF Affirms 6.1% Outlook for 2024

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As Cambodia gears up for a promising economic future, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has bright news: the nation’s economic growth is expected to hit 6.1% in 2024. It is higher than their earlier prediction of 5.3% growth. This uptick shows that Cambodia’s economy is strong and recovering well amidst the recovery of regional and global markets.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Comparative Economy Analysis from Previous Predictions

The world’s economy is expected to grow at a rate of 3.1% in 2024, the same as in 2023. The IMF’s prediction for Cambodia’s economic growth of 6.1% is higher than this global average. This means Cambodia’s economy is growing faster than most countries worldwide. 

The National Bank of Cambodia has an even more positive outlook. They forecasted Cambodia’s economy to grow by 6.4%. So Cambodia is leading the way in economic growth compared to the rest of the world and its region.

Driving Factors Behind Cambodia’s Increasing Economy


Cambodia’s expected strong economic growth comes from the government’s plans. These plans aim to improve infrastructure and attract foreign investors. The government has implemented policies and offered incentives. These create a good environment for industries like tourism and manufacturing to thrive.

The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Manet, launched the Special Investment Promotion Program in Sihanoukville in 2024. This program aims to

Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Manet
  • Invite foreign investment in Cambodia
  • Complete Unfinished Projects
  • Boost new developments
  • Enhance business opportunities in Cambodia. 

The increase in global travel is also boosting Cambodia’s economy, which relies heavily on tourism. As more people start traveling around the world again, more economic activity will be conducted in Cambodia.

Navigating Risks and Opportunities in Cambodia’s Predicted Economic Growth

While there is optimism about Cambodia’s economic growth, the path ahead has some obstacles. Challenges like tensions between countries and ups and downs in global markets could impact this growth. 

However, Cambodia is working hard to develop better infrastructure. These include roads and create an environment that attracts investment. These efforts aim to reduce the risks. Cambodia’s significant increase in demand for technology and electronics products shows its potential as an emerging market.

Expert Insights on Cambodia’s Economy and Future

Experts emphasise the need for sustainable and responsible practices. They also mention careful financial management to maintain Cambodia’s economic growth. They highlight the importance of reducing government debt and deficits (fiscal consolidation). Strong oversight and regulation of the financial sector is also needed. This will help prepare Cambodia to face any future economic volatility or downturns.

Additionally, experts advise a few key things for Cambodia to continue on its growth path:

  • Invest in education and skills training. It focuses on developing a capable workforce supporting emerging industries.
  • Prioritise environmentally sustainable development to protect natural resources.
  • Diversify the economy beyond tourism and manufacturing into sectors like technology and services.
  • Maintain political stability and strong governance, and continue improving ease of doing business.
  • Stay competitive by enhancing infrastructure, logistics, and digital connectivity.

By following this guidance from experts on sustainable economic policies, financial prudence, and strategic investments in key areas, Cambodia can maximise its growth opportunities while mitigating risks in the years ahead.

Positive Impact of Cambodia’s Economic Boom on Cambodians

More than increasing numbers, here’s how Cambodia’s rising economy can benefit! 

  • As the economy grows, companies need more workers. This means more jobs for Cambodians in different fields.
  • With more jobs come higher incomes, helping families afford better lives. This isn’t just about more money; it means better homes, more food, and the ability to save for the future.
  • A stronger economy means the government can spend more on schools and hospitals. It ensures your kids get a good education and everyone can access healthcare.
  • Expect to see better roads, cleaner water, and reliable electricity. These basics make daily life easier and safer for everyone.
  • More money from the government provides more funds for programs that help the needy. These range from food aid to job training.
  • With the economy on the up, young Cambodians can dream bigger. There’s a stronger chance for success in Cambodia, and you might not feel the need to go abroad for work.

Looking Ahead

With the National Bank of Cambodia’s wise monetary policy and the government’s unwavering support, Cambodia is poised for an economic breakthrough. Heading into 2024, Cambodia will show the world its capabilities. 

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