Renovated, Remodeled, or Upgraded: What’s The Difference?

Deciding to improve how your home looks is an important decision especially if you want to ensure your property always attracts tenants, as well as increases in value over the years. However, before you get excited planning the improvements you have to do, you need to know the basics of home improvement. While it might seem like a cut and dry situation wherein you just upgrade most outdated equipment and areas, that’s actually not the case.

Upgrading, remodeling, and renovating a property are all different areas so before you make home plans, you need to know their exact differences. Find out exactly what sort of improvement plan your home needs when you continue reading here.

What are renovated homes?


Whether you are looking at property listings or checking home improvement options, one of the first things you’ll see is the term renovated. Renovating a home simply means that the room or property retained its original use but its interior design, style, and the furniture there have been replaced and upgraded. 

If you’re renovating your property that you live in, make sure to do your research on the best decorations, home features, and security that you can add to make your home better. On the other hand, if you’re renovating a property for your tenants, doing research first on what your target market likes and the current real estate market trends is necessary. This is especially  important since you can increase your rent if you upgrade the interior design according to what your potential lessees want.

Additionally, there are four things you can consider when renovating:

  • Improving fixtures, appliances, and all the basic things your home needs
  • Upgrading your interior design by applying fresh painting, landscaping, etc
  • Updating kitchen into a more modern style, sidings, and more
  • Adding trendy appliances and features to your rooms like a jacuzzi, wine room, and more.

What are remodeled homes?


When you have to completely refresh how a room looks as well as its function, then you’ll be remodeling your home. Rather than keeping how the room is like, you can revamp the whole thing to suit your lifestyle as well as possible lessees’ preference. For example, if you currently have a wraparound porch and you want to maximize your space for a garden, then you can remove the porch to make way for it!

In short, remodeling is simply reimagining how your home needs to look to fit you and your family’s needs now and in the future. This also applies to property owners who want to remodel for future lessees.

Take note though that since you’re basically demolishing the current features of your home to make a new one, a remodel usually costs more than renovations. So prepare a list of what work you need for your home and ensure that your budget can accommodate it.

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What are upgraded homes?

Unlike renovated and remodeled homes, upgraded homes is simply a term used to refer to either renovations or remodeling. So whether you improve the interior design of a room or change the function of a room as well as its features, it can be classified as an upgraded home.

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