Pet Friendly Interior Ideas for your Home

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Pet Friendly Interior Ideas for your Home

Pet friendly interior ideas to transform your home into a perfect pet sanctuary.

Families with pets in their homes are currently growing, with 471 million dogs and 373 million cats owned worldwide. When you have pets, they indeed become part of the family, so you want to make sure that they are comfortable and safe. For pet owners, this means that you need to provide more options that will take your furry family members into account.

Luckily, not only more companies are creating stylish products for pets but also producing pet-friendly interiors that meet the needs of humans and animals alike. There are now designers, architects, interior design brands that are starting to create design solutions for your four-legged friends. Here are some pet-friendly interior design ideas to keep your home stylish yet safe for pets at the same time:


Pet Friendly Interior Ideas - Hardwood FLooring

Install Hard Flooring

Floors are surfaces that receive almost all kinds of wear and tear. Plus, this is where pets do nearly all of their activities, such as running, rolling, and sleeping. So, a pet-friendly interior begins with great flooring.

Since having pets always come with having mud tracks, you’ll want a flooring that is easy to clean. The best pet-friendly flooring is to install ceramic tiles. It is the most common type of tiles that is versatile and less expensive. Unlike other stone floorings, ceramic tile is excellent in preventing stains because it is not permeable. 

Nevertheless, any hard flooring is also considered a pet-friendly interior. Among those are laminate flooring, polished concrete, hardwood, terrazzo, and granite. Additionally, these floors keep your pets cooled down during the hot weather.

Use Rugs Instead of Carpets

Carpets and rugs are floor coverings that also protect the floor from stains. It is integrated within the living space because it adds a look and feel to your home. Although it’s best to leave this option behind because it requires washing. In case it is really desired, rugs are more pet-friendly than carpets. 

Rugs are way easier to clean, move, or get tossed in the washing area. It also offers a comfortable spot for your pets to slumber. With a slip-proof underneath the rug, it can surely stay on its place even when your pets are playing around.

Rubberized mats are also pet-friendly, for they can stick on hard flooring for a long time. In that way, you can put food on and can easily wash them. Overall, carpets are not pet-friendly to clumps, stains, odor, and most especially to pet hair.


Pet Friendly Interior Ideas - Home Decorations

Do not display fragile items

It goes without saying that if you have pets, messes and accidents are inevitable. We all know how they are fond of running and playing around, and this usually results in bumping furniture or bringing a handful of accessories. So, before you begin buying items or even if you have started, you might want to set them aside as they can cause accidents.

Fragile items produced from shells, wood, or glasses do not match with pet activities. Despite the size, items made from delicate materials are not pet-friendly because they are usually heavy and valuable. Therefore, it tends to require extra care to prevent them from breaking apart. 

Pet-friendly interior decorations are those made from materials that are not prone to breaking like plastic, chrome, and metal decorations. Plastics are lightweight and pliable. Meanwhile, chrome and metal go through a melting process, which makes them unbreakable. 

Do not display miniature decorations

When you have pets, you must not only consider having a clean space but also a safe area for your dogs and cats. As they see everything as teething toys, they are likely to bite or eat anything that they’re able to reach. In the event that an item is ingested, your pets can get choked and can cause damage to their internal organs. 

So, in choosing home decorations, size is an important aspect to consider. Large yet lightweight decorations are pet-friendly. They are usually placed in high areas that are beyond their reach. Plus, it is not a mouthful size and is noticeable when your pets suddenly play with it.


Choose a durable upholstery

The living area is where pets stay most of the time. And the couch holds a big responsibility in keeping the place clean and fur-free. If you don’t want to slipcover your furniture, you will need to look for upholstery that can stand up against paws, claws, furs, and smudges.

Stain-resistant fabrics are mostly durable and easy to spot clean. These include treated leather, microfiber, wool blends, coated cotton, and denim. Another option can also be, choosing upholstery that is similar to your pet’s color. It can leave your sofa spotless of any hair appearances. 

Pet Friendly Interior Fabric

Layer the surfaces with washable fabrics

There are times when you want your pet to be around you all the time, even while you’re sleeping. In order to keep your bedding from inevitable stains, a covering sheet is necessary. Thick pads and washable fabrics can work to protect your mattresses, and you can just throw them in the washing area.

White fabrics are usually off the list because it creates very evident traces of even small dirt. Little did you know, white slipcovers are easier to wash because you can throw a little bleach or color-safe bleach, and it instantly cleans.


Use Toxic-Free Paint

Most paints contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to the members of your family, especially to your pets. This is because pets are prone to eating or licking the hazardous substances on the wall when they get playful. Once ingested, it can pose a danger to your pet’s health and may result in internal complications.

While choosing the color of your wall, make sure to check if the label of the paint is non-toxic. Painting products with natural ingredients and no volatile organic compounds are usually the ones safer. It emits little to no harmful gasses, thereby keeping your home safe and healthy.

– Choose Stain-proof Color

Choosing colors can be overwhelming, but with pets in your home, there are a couple of considerations that matter. First of all, bright and light colors tend to show dirt and smudges visibly. But in case you want to match your warm-colored furniture with lighter walls, you can resort to a creamy white paint where you can easily remove stains without fading the color too much.

If you want a stylish wall that show little to no evidence of dirt, you can apply darker natural shades like charcoal, olive, or brown. These shades blend well to most scratches and stains, leaving it unnoticed.

Go for Semi-gloss or High-gloss paint

Dogs and cats have the habit of scratching walls and destroying its texture. When choosing a paint, the finish is also an essential part of the selection. It can be matte, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish.

Glossy paints are known for their special light-reflecting and glassy finish. It is an ideal option to keep your walls from the sharp nails of your pets. Plus, it has a sheen texture that doesn’t retain stain marks for easier cleaning.


Cats and dogs naturally produce oil from their hair follicles, and it carries a strong scent. Along with it, their ears also contain a light yeasty smell. Although it can be foul-smelling, it is all normal body odor for them.

When you have any number of pets, there will always be an odor to be covered. It can be kept to a pleasant smell by having the right tool for maintaining clean air. There are several ways to do it, but some may not be a pet-friendly way to imply in your home.

Wall plugins are very toxic to animals. Air-spray fresheners are not for long-term use. Leaving scented candles is not safe, and sometimes you can only light candles when you’re actually at home.

Luckily, there are smart-home, high-tech products such as air humidifier, air purifier, and Aroma diffuser. All of these products serve one common function, to clean and diminish odor for better breathing and living. The good thing about this is that the scent is not just dedicated to one area but the whole home space. It also has tons of scents you can choose.


Boiling water, frying food, and dropping knives— these are all happening in the kitchen area. Even though it is the area dedicated to food, it can be a dangerous place for pets to stay. Remember, when you have animals in your home, you may not want them in other parts of your house.

There are times that you want your dogs to be out of the house or out of the bedrooms. Having small gates helps separate your pets to the areas that are dangerous or just temporarily restricted for them.

Small gates are pet-friendly and can look stylish at the same time. But if you want to take it up a notch, you can incorporate a built-in glider gate. You can certainly integrate these things into your space, especially those who are in construction mode.

Dogs and cats, even with gates, can still really get in your way. You can trip over them, especially if your pets are small, so it’s also essential to have some areas for them. Aside from the fact that they would enjoy a space that they can call their own, it is also helpful in keeping your home clean and tidy.

In the designated area for your pets, you can store all their toys and keep the mess out of the view. It is also hassle-free because you will only clean one area of the house. Nevertheless, it is still essential that you walk your pets and let them breathe fresh air, but at least these are done outside of the house. 

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