OkO Furniture offers premium artistry, client discounts with IPS Cambodia partnership

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Combining premier real estate service with exceptional furniture to complete your property needs, IPS Cambodia has partnered with OKO Furniture to bring you the best in local artistry infused into functional pieces.

A gem of the Khmer design scene, OKO utilizes vintage materials such as antique wood, ceramics, and textile to produce eye-catching accouterments with a contemporary flair. Find a Japanese-inspired table lamp complete your study or furnish your laidback bedroom with a rattan clothes rack. They also offer an array of unique décor, from handcrafted cushion covers in vivid hues to figures made from Angkorian acacia, placing the minute intricacies of nature in the spotlight.

In this joint venture, OKO now offers a 10% discount to clients of IPS Cambodia looking to spruce up their personal or commercial spaces with quality furniture straight from the best in Siem Reap.

As the art brand behind Viroth Hotel, OKO Furniture has a proven track record of providing sturdy furniture that is unabashedly trendy and traditional at the same time. Their showroom is located on St. 24, Wat Bo Village.

Whether you’re revamping your home’s interior design, curating your company office, or starting a boutique business, a wide selection of distinguished pieces awaits you in OKO Furniture. Do not miss this opportunity and make the most of your benefits with IPS!

Send us a message in the form below or contact us via email inquiry@ips-cambodia.com to get your EXCLUSIVE discount code!


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