New Normal: Outdoor Facilities Perfect for your Healthy Lifestyle

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Widespread changes have been happening in all industries since the pandemic took the world by storm. Due to this, most people are prioritizing their health and making drastic changes to their lifestyle to ensure they become stronger and healthier—this is now the new normal. With how most people have been vaccinated and are going back outside like before, outdoor facilities are more enthusiastically used these days.

Whether you live in a condo, a gated community or anywhere else, there are multiple outdoor facilities you can use to become a healthier you.

1. Swimming pool

Embassy Central – Indoor Swimming Area

At the top of the list of outdoor facilities you need to use are swimming pools. These pools have rarely been used since the pandemic began, making it the most used facility these days. Not only can you exercise while swimming but you can also spend quality time with your partner or family at the same time.

Additionally, swimming has a variety of benefits besides keeping you healthy as you can see below:

  • It can build muscle strength and tone 
  • Helps you build endurance and trains your cardio fitness
  • There is less stress that will take a toll on your body when you swim even if you get the same amount of exercise on land
  • It’s an all body workout

2. Jogging & Biking paths

Urban Village Green Paths

Whether you live within the cities in Cambodia or not, you can usually find jogging paths closeby. This has been a facility added by most cities to promote a healthier lifestyle for its residents. You can jog or walk fast on the jogging paths to train your cardio, muscle strength and more!

Most of the time, these jogging paths are open 24 hours. This means there are time slots within the day where most people’s running schedules coincide. If you don’t want to run with a lot of people around, you can try jogging early in the morning or late at night.

Besides places where you can jog, Cambodia has biking trails or paths around. These routes can be located within the park or on the road, alongside cars and other vehicles. While it sounds a bit nerve-racking to bike beside cars, you just have to mind the cycling routes and your surroundings. After all, the cycling routes are made purely for bikers like you to make it easier and safer to exercise using bikes.

Additionally, before biking, make sure to check if there are recommended wheels and items you need to stay safer on the road.

3. Playgrounds

Rose Apple Square Playground

Spaces specifically for children to entertain their imagination, make them explore and have fun with their friends and family are available no matter what city you’re in. These playgrounds are filled with monkey bars, swings, slides, see-saws and more that your child will certainly enjoy. Make sure to take them here once or a few times a week so they can stretch out their legs and exercise—all without making it obvious that they’re exercising!

4. Wide and Open Spaces

Angkor Grace Wellness Resort & Residence

If you’re looking for a wide and open space, like a park, then it would be easy to find in Cambodia. Whether you’re in the city or province, these wide spaces are available for use for you and your family! Since there are a variety of activities and things you can do here, a lot of people flock to these places to exercise or spend time with each other.

Check below the top activities you can do in these open spaces, by yourself or with others:

  • Yoga → Relax and practice your yoga while surrounded by the calming ambience of these open spaces.
  • Walk  → When you want to simply stretch your muscles or challenge it by briskly walking, it’s possible to do this here as much as you want
  • Meditation → These open spaces are often littered with trees, shrubs and more, making it the perfect place for you to meditate
  • Play with pets → Besides exercising alone or with friends, you can use these wide spaces to play with your pets. Running, chasing a ball, and more, you and your pet are sure to have a great time outside
  • Frisbee games → When you already found the closest open area near you, the only thing you need to bring is a frisbee disc and you can start exercising with friends and family. Make sure there are little to no people around that you might unknowingly hit with a frisbee before playing. Either that or simply find a spot so your ultimate frisbee game can go uninterrupted!

5. Courts for Sports

Among the top outside facilities offered within cities and provinces are courts for sports. This can accommodate most sports like basketball, tennis, and more so you can have the exercise of your life in these areas as you want. Additionally, you can change it up and try a different activity every time you visit the courts with friends or family.

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