Why Are High-Floor Condos More Expensive?


Among real estate អចលនទ្រព្យក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា, condominiums are one of the best options to start with if you’re looking to rent or buy a place within the city. Not only does it already come with numerous fantastic amenities but you have many units to choose from, depending on how much space you need. At the top of it all though, the best units that can guarantee a beautiful lifestyle are the units located in the higher floors of a condominium. 

Higher floor units compared to lower floors units are more expensive. However, it does come with a variety of advantages that can make your life better and more convenient. Find out the reasons why these units cost more and the reasons why it’s all worth it in the list compiled by IPS Cambodia below:

  1. Picturesque view

Whether it’s daybreak or night, you can take in the beautiful view of the landscape below your condominium. This is guaranteed if you rent or buy higher floor condominium units, allowing you to better appreciate the city you live in. Also, the higher the unit you get, the better the view you’ll have so make sure to choose wisely.

Additionally, condominium units in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap and anywhere in Cambodia are guaranteed to have picturesque views! 

  1. Security

In general, condominium units have tight security due to security guards posted in key areas of the building for 24 hours. While safety is already guaranteed in any units here, it’s more secure to live in higher floors considering that you can only access it via elevator or stairs. Additionally, there is little to no fear regarding break-ins since it’s a unit on one of the highest floors.

It also depends on what kind of condominium building you want to rent or buy from since there are high-end ones that require codes or key cards in order for you to access the elevator.

  1. Less noise

Since the unit will be far from the ground, there will be little to no street noise or cars blaring in the background that will bother you. This will make it easier for you to focus on your work at home, watch your favorite show, or simply relax and unwind.

  1. Little to no pests and critters

In higher floor units of condominium buildings, you are less likely to have pests and critters. This is mostly because they travel from the ground up to find food and the higher they go, the less likely it is for them to find food sources. Meaning, you no longer have to worry about bugs ruining your furniture or eating food in your cupboards if you invest in condominiums in a high floor location.

However, do not overlook pest control and diligently cleaning your home since there is still a chance for rodents and other bugs to appear despite living in a higher floor unit.

  1. Better natural lighting

Besides having the best landscape view of the city below, your unit will have access to more natural lighting. While how much natural lighting your unit has depends on how the unit is constructed, since it’s on a higher floor, you can still expect to save on utility costs due to this. Moreover, you can be more creative when designing your unit by factoring in the natural lighting that will make your home look more modern, chic, and cozy!

  1. Guaranteed privacy

If you prioritize privacy in your home life, then getting a unit in one of the higher floors is the best option for you. Higher floor units are more private since there’s less street noise and foot traffic from anyone who wants to access public amenities like the pool or the gym. Moreover, these units are often fewer and more isolated compared to the units in lower floors, making it possible for you to live a quiet and comfortable home life. 

  1. Great unit ventilation

When you’re looking for a place to live or invest in, you need to ensure that it has a great location and it’s optimized for your health. Due to this, it’s best to get a unit in higher floors since in general, it has great ventilation for all units there. In these units, when you open a window for an hour or two, the air that will circulate is fresh and good for you.

However, make sure to not forget cleaning your home consistently to ensure that there is little to no air pollutants that you’ll be breathing in your home.

  1. Quality of living

Elevate your quality of life into something more convenient and luxurious when you live on higher floors of a condominium building. Not only do you have the best landscape from your unit but it’s more secure and cozy compared to other units. Furthermore, all the perks listed above by IPS Cambodia for higher floor units are guaranteed to make your home better!

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