Suburbs vs CBD: Where should you live in Phnom Penh?


There’s no other place within Cambodia real estate that is as convenient as Phnom Penh, especially if you prefer city life. Considering that the capital city is the economic hub of the country, there’s little in terms of amenities and opportunities that you can want within the city since almost everything can be found here.

However, while there are plenty of things you can do, see, and access within the city, it doesn’t mean you can randomly choose your residence here. After all, different areas in Phnom Penh provide a variety of experiences and amenities, especially if you are within the suburbs of the city or in the central business district area.

So, how do you know where you should live within Phnom Penh? Check out the comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages of living in the suburbs or CBD of the capital when you continue reading below.

CBD: Heart of the city

The Central Business District area of the city is where most companies are located, especially the large corporations. Here are the areas that fall under the CBD:

  • BKK
  • ខណ្ឌ 7 មករា
  • Chamkarmon
  • Daun Penh
  • ទួលគោក


Convenience One thing you can be guaranteed of when you live within the business district is that you have access to everything you would need. Whether it’s the hottest restaurants, trendiest stores, and anything else that you might want, all of them are here within the CBD of Phnom Penh.

Less travel time Whether you’re heading to work or anywhere else, you always need to factor in the travel time in your schedule. If you want to be more productive, efficient, or simply lessen the time it takes to go anywhere, then you need to live within the CBD. It’s because almost everything is close by, making it possible reach the place you want to at a faster rate.

Guaranteed returns Considering that the CBD is the economic hub of Cambodia, if you invest in residential or commercial real estate, your investment has guaranteed returns. More than that, depending on what property you buy, you can expect higher profits per year, especially if you consider your target client’s preference in interior design and property.


Privacy is costly Finding the right place for you within the city’s CBD can be difficult but what’s more challenging is getting a unit where you have full privacy. Generally, if you want a serene environment without the seemingly never-ending background noise of the city, then you have to pay a higher fee for units that offer this. 

High upfront costs Investing in a home generally requires investors to shell out a large sum of cash, however, this can be higher when you’re buying within the CBD at a premium rate of 30% to 50%. While this still depends on where in CBD you’ll invest in as well as the property type, the prices remains to be more costly than if you buy a home in the suburbs.

Suburbs: Tranquility within the city

When you’re further away from the city center in Phnom Penh, while you still have access to most amenities, you can also enjoy a more peaceful environment. Here are the areas that fall under the city’s suburbs:

  • ច្បារអំពៅ
  • មានជ័យ
  • Prek Pnov
  • Dangkao
  • ឬស្សីកែវ
  • ពោធិ៍សែនជ័យ
  • ខណ្ឌជ្រោយចង្វារ
  • Kamboul
  • សែនសុខ


Larger residences Most homes located in the suburbs of Phnom Penh are bigger at a relatively cheaper cost compared to the ones in the CBD. In short, if you want to live your best life with all the space you need without paying expensive rent or mortgage, then you need to find a residence farther away from the city center.

More greenery Since there are less high-rise buildings and other commercial spaces populating the streets in the suburbs, there are more room for trees and parks. In short, it’s the perfect place for you if you want to live in an area with more greenery.

City amenities are within reach While Phnom Penh’s suburbs have a reduced number of amenities, you can still easily access the amenities that the city center offers since you’ll only be a short ride away from it! Moreover, living in the suburbs of the capital city offers numerous conveniences to make your life easier!

Stronger community Most people who live in the suburbs of the city are less prone to rushing about like they would be in the bustling CBD. This means they have more time to focus on their day-to-day life, including the people who live within their community, making it possible to have strong relationships with your neighbors.


Rush hour traffic If you have work located in the CBD or near it, one thing you need to consider is the rush hour traffic since it will affect your schedule. Moreover, it’s unavoidable considering everyone is rushing to go somewhere.Outskirts’ road conditions While the city has paved and structured roads, the suburbs of Phnom Penh is still developing. This means that some roads in the outskirts are still difficult to traverse on, especially if it’s the rainy season.

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