How to Find Pet Friendly Homes in Cambodia


One of the beloved and important family members in a home are pets. So when you need to travel or have to relocate somewhere, it’s necessary that your next home will be able to accommodate them as well. Finding a property alone without pets is already difficult since you have to make sure a lot of conveniences and amenities fit your needs perfectly. However, the additional condition of making sure it’s pet friendly, can make looking for your next home more difficult.

While there is a wide array of residential properties in Cambodia property market, it’s still not easy to find pet friendly homes. With this in mind, you need to know how to find a property in Cambodia that suits your exact needs as you can see below.

Know the real estate market in regards to pet friendly units

Looking for pet friendly properties to rent is difficult, even in popular cities like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville. This is because most rental companies want to secure the state of their unit or house by ensuring no undue damage can be caused during a lessee’s stay. Considering this, you are more likely to find a pet friendly property if it is privately owned by an individual instead of a corporation. Just make sure to negotiate what you need with the homeowner and if you come to an agreement then you have your next home!

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Keep in mind though that as part of a rental unit’s security, an additional deposit might be requested of you in case of damages your pet/s might cause. The deposit amount can depend on the rental unit (from 25% up to 50%) or it can be negotiated with the owner so make sure you clarify this. Moreover, most rental properties that allow pets in their units have longer rental terms than others which can make things difficult if you’re not planning on staying long in that area.

Besides this, other clauses in the lease can be added to accommodate your furry animal with you. Due to this, it’s best you talk to a property agent as soon as possible to help you with the terms.

Choose which property you need

There are numerous property types you can choose from, but not all will accommodate your furry friend. To help you determine which property you need, see below if they commonly allow pets:

  • Serviced apartment → Generally, serviced apartments don’t allow pets due to possible damages. However, it is possible to find one that allows it depending on building management policies although this will be a rare instance.
  • អាផាតមិន/ផ្ទះល្វែង → Most apartments and flats allow pets to live with you so it will be easier if you look for this property type. 
  • ខុនដូ → Most condominiums don’t allow pets within the unit especially if it’s owned by a company. However, if you find a privately owned one, it’s possible for it to be pet friendly so just check with the owner.
  • House/Villa → Looking for a pet friendly house or villa is easy since these properties have little to no restrictions on your furry friends.

Once you’ve chosen the property type you need for you and your pets, make sure you contact an experienced property agent quickly. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly home in Cambodia, we have a team of expert property consultants that can help you find it easily!

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