Economic Land Concessions


Independent Property Services is committed to the future development of Cambodia and for this reason, we recognize the necessity for Direct Foreign Investment. Being the premier realtor in Cambodia, IPS is quickly becoming the one stop shop for all major corporations coming to invest in Cambodia for Economic Land Concessions, Agricultural Land and Mining Concessions along with our Residential and Commercial property operations in Phnom Penh.

We have a team on foreign agents along with a strong legal team behind us to ensure that our clients get the best advice and information regarding to the particular Economic Land Concession or Mining licenses proposed. Our team deals directly with the Cambodian Government and/or the owners of the investment opportunities presented, cutting out all middlemen thus saving on additional fees, markups and commissions.

We conduct our own basic preliminary due diligence on all opportunities we offer and guide our investors through from the start to the completion of the sale.

Due to every inquiry being unique we request that we meet with our clients first to discuss the intended purpose for the investment and then select the best opportunities available that can legally be acquired according to the needs of our clients.

Any company that is intending to invest in Cambodia for Economic Land Concessions or Mining Licenses should understand that the professional team at Independent Property Services is by far the best choice to conduct this quickly and successfully for each of our clients.