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Selling your property in Cambodia is easy with the help of experts from IPS Cambodia. These property managers and realtors have more than 10 years of experience in Cambodia real estate. Learn how you can price your property appropriately. Know the ins and outs of selling or flipping a property. Navigate the complicated path of taxation and laws governing Cambodia.
Do you have a property that you want to sell? Find out the true market value of your property. Don’t rely on hearsay or pressure from other people. Read our articles and be confident of how much your property is actually worth. Be better informed to make a wise decision. Research how to calculate property tax and market value. Learn the difference between capital growth and rental yield. Check the pricing trend to know when is the best time to sell. Get the most value out of your properties or your business.
Articles in this section are well researched and updated. They show the current trends and factors that affect pricing. Our experts in the field of real estate gathered this information from IPS database. It is an accumulation of data archives spanning more than 10 years. The teams have gathered this information directly from the ground. Read the articles in this section before making any decision to sell your property.