Making a Difference in a Child’s Life: IPS Sponsors 2023 Piano Trilogy Series

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In line with IPS year-long Celebration of Community, Commitment, and Real Estate Excellence for its 14th anniversary, we would like to announce our sponsorship to the upcoming Piano Trilogy Series 2023, in support of the event’s mission of giving a beacon hope to the children in need.

This event will be held at Meta House on two separate dates—May 20 and June 17—with unique set of performers each date. The Trilogy Series is a non-profit event to which the proceeds from tickets will be donated to Kantha Bopha Foundation Children’s Hospital.


We understand the importance of children in our society and the vital role they play in future and nation building. We also believe that a healthy community starts with healthy children, which is why we are committed to supporting initiatives that make this possible such as of The Trilogy Series.

For decades, the five Kantha Bopha Hospitals across Cambodia have provided quality medical care to underprivileged Cambodian families who cannot afford private or public hospitals. Their medical care has also helped improve health outcomes for mothers and babies at all stages of life. Today, these hospitals are treating over 80% of all children with sickness and injuries in the country, and receives more than a million patients yearly.

Through supporting this event, we want to inspire people that there are many little ways to make the world a better place; one is participating to the 2023 Piano Trilogy Series by buying tickets worth $10 USD, which will go to Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital for the benefit of the children who need but can’t afford a good medical care.

1 Grand Piano, 3 Master Pianists

The concept behind this event is to showcase one grand piano to be played by three masterful pianists taking turns in performing 20-minute solo each, and where all are required to perform from memory or with no musical score or notation. The 2023 Series will be staged at Meta House with the audience circled around the piano with a maximum of 70 seats and some standing spaces, for a rare chance to see professional pianists perform up close and personal.

Pianists on Saturday May 20 – 7pmPianists on Saturday June 17 – 7pm
– Christina Sen (Cambodia)
– Philippe Javelle (France)
– Gabriele Faja (Italy)

Click here to see event
– Alberto Firrincieli (Italy)
– Etienne Chenevier (France)
– Rong Sereyvann (Cambodia)

Click here to see event

Other sponsors and partners:
មូលនិធិគន្ធបុប្ផាកម្ពុជា – Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation, Hops Craft Beer Garden & Restaurants, KMH Foundation, Soundskool Music Cambodia, The Piano Shop Cambodia, Italian-Cambodian Business Association – ICBA Arts Committee

Make a remarkable difference in a child’s life by joining this event. Limited seats only! Reserve a seat here.

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