IPS Launches Internship Program to Empower the Next Generation of Real Estate Professionals in Cambodia

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This year-end, IPS is opening its doors to aspiring graduates to help them build a solid foundation for their future endeavors – An Internship Program aimed at providing second to final-year students with a unique opportunity to jumpstart their professional careers at the leading real estate agency in Cambodia.

As the year draws to a close and a new school year begins, IPS recognizes that now is the perfect time to empower the youth and equip them with invaluable experiences in the real working environment as they prepare to step out of their educational institutions.

“This Internship Program will serve as a stepping stone for college students to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the workforce,” said IPS-Phnom Penh Branch Manager, Syto Nhiev. “Not only will the interns have the chance to apply their academic learnings to real-work situations, but they will also be given a one-on-one mentorship by industry experts to guide them in their professional and personal growth.”

The IPS internship program will be an annual initiative, with each program lasting for four months. Specifically designed for young individuals in their second to final year of undergraduate studies, the program will cover a range of disciplines including Sales, Marketing, Communications, Operations, and Finance—all within the scope of real estate.

During the internship program, interns will have the opportunity to experience the actual corporate and professional environment at IPS. Just like regular employees, interns will actively participate in company events and initiatives; engage with actual clients; undergo comprehensive training sessions with IPS’s seasoned professionals and be rewarded with a monthly stipend to motivate them throughout the program’s duration.

“We have exceptional managers leading each of our department,” said Syto. “And through this program, we’ll have the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise to allow them to approach their careers with great confidence.”

Upon successfully completing the four-month program, the interns will receive a certification acknowledging their remarkable achievements and their completion of the internship program at IPS. This certificate may also serve as a valuable addition to their professional resume, providing a competitive advantage as they pursue their future careers.

Both the candidates and the company stand to benefit from this program. “IPS itself is composed of young, dynamic professionals who consistently bring forth innovative ideas that significantly contribute to our company’s growth,” explained Syto.

Through this initiative, IPS will be able to help transform the next generation of future leaders, as well as enabling them to identify candidates who share the same passion and ideals, and further expand its team with fresh minds. “We are confident that the youth entering the Cambodian workforce today are talented and possess the qualities required to help us reach our goals,” Syto concluded.

IPS has successfully onboarded interns who have passed the selection process and are now starting their professional journey with the company. IPS is now accepting applicants for the Yearend Internship Program.

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