Visa Relief: How 3-Year Visas Could Aid Sihanoukville’s Real Estate Downturn

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With the announcement of the “Special Investment Promotion Program in Sihanoukville in 2024”, the government will provide 3-year visas to all Sihnoukville’s property investors. The announcement for this special program is by Hun Manet, the Prime Minister of Cambodia. The program aims to turn Sihanoukville into a multi-purpose Special Economic Zone. The program includes:

  • Completion of unfinished buildings
  • Boost expansions in existing structures 
  • Enhance business activities
  • Invite new investments
Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Manet

The Prime Minister announced,

For all long-term purchases or rental properties costing above $100,000, we will provide a special 3-year visa. A separate sub-decree will determine this visa. 

The government will also speed up customs inspection measures and processes. This approach makes it easier for foreigners to move to Sihanoukville. They will provide goods and services to investors and tourists during their stay, arrival, and return. 

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To learn more about how a 3-year visa can aid the real estate downturn, details are provided below. Scroll down to explore more! 

How Can a 3-Year Visa Policy Under the 2024 Program Recover Sihanoukville Real Estate? 

SihanoukVille, Cambodia

The 3-year visa policy is to implement a series of strategic benefits and incentives. These include –

Attracting Long-Term Investment

The 3-year visa allows investors to stay for an extended period. This makes them more likely to purchase or rent properties long-term. This boosts real estate demand and stabilises the real-estate market.

Facilitating a Favourable Business Environment

Along with a 3-year visa, other measures have also been implemented. These benefits streamline permits, licenses, and other regulatory hurdles. An easier regulatory environment reduces the costs and complexities associated with real estate development. 

Enhancing Infrastructure and Services

The 3-year visa policy will invite new investors to the Sihanoukville market. This investment is necessary for industrial development and tourism. By inviting new investments, the program aims to make Sihanoukville a more attractive destination for living, working, and investing. 

Promoting Sustainable and Diverse Real-Estate Development 

As part of the investment program, the focus is on developing industrial zones, parks, and SEZs. This ensures that a diverse and sustainable economic base supports the growth of the real estate market. This diversity can protect from fluctuations in any single industry.

Other Benefits of the Special Investment Promotion Program 2024

Boosting Investor Confidence

The program’s comprehensive approach also includes:

  • Tax breaks
  • Simplified bureaucratic processes 
  • Direct incentives for real estate development

All these signal investors about the government’s commitment to supporting real estate. It helps boost investor confidence, critical for reviving the real estate market.

Commit to the Completion of Unfinished Projects 

Specific incentives are aimed at addressing the completion of unfinished buildings. The redevelopment and completion of these projects will improve Sihanoukville’s urban landscape. These will also stimulate local economies while increasing property values and business opportunities. 

A list of other benefits provided for unfinished buildings also includes – 

  • Income Tax exemption
  • Minimum tax for an additional 3 years
  • Zero VAT till completion and renovation of the buildings
  • Instant administrative sanctions for licenses and certificates
  • 5-year withdrawal tax holiday on real-estate lease

The investment raised will also initiate the development of – 

  • Industrial Cluster Zones
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Free Trade Zones
  • Great Tourism Zones
  • Customs Bonded Warehouses

Safe City Campaign Under the 2024 Investment Program 

The 3-year visa policy under the Special Investment Promotion Program 2024 will invite new investors and tourists in Sihanoukville. These new invites also highlight security concerns in the coastal city. Addressing these, “Safe City” campaigns, programs, and events are planned. The provincial administration will organise these. 

Initiatives under the Safe City campaign will strengthen and restore Preah Sihanouk Province’s reputation on the international stage. 

Final Note

Cambodia has a plan for 2024. It’s all about inviting investment in Sihanoukville by offering a special 3-year visa. Here’s the deal: if you buy or rent property there and spend over $100,000, you’re in. This initiative by the PM boosts Sihanoukville’s economy. It aims to complete the unfinished real-estate projects. The officials have yet to reveal more details regarding this policy. It will explain the eligibility, terms, and conditions of the 3-year visa policy. 

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