Home Hunting: The Complete Checklist For Every Young Professional

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As a young professional, you have to consider numerous factors when you’re looking for your home. After all, these factors can make or break how difficult or easy it would be for you to live your daily life while working. This means you have to carefully make a decision that best fits your lifestyle, has all the facilities and conveniences you would need. To top it all off, the home you need to choose should be one that you would be happy living in.

Continue reading below to see the complete checklist you need as a young professional looking for your next home:


The first thing you have to consider is the accessibility of the house, condo, or apartment that you want. If it is close to your work, preferably walking distance to it, or that you don’t have to travel for long just to get home, then that’s the best option for you.

As a young professional, you have to have a good balance of work and life so if going home alone takes over half an hour, it eats away at the time you could have used for fun and more. Since you have to make sure that you’re not wasting your time just for transportation, make sure you find a place that’s accessible. In Cambodia real estate, most—if not all—condominiums are accessible so you just have to check if they fit the rest of what you’d need.

At the heart of the city

Given that the heart of businesses and commerce are cities, if you find a home at the heart of it, you can enjoy multitudes of advantages. This includes being close to your work, conveniences like a few minutes walk to the grocery store, restaurants, and more.

Make sure you find a home at the heart of the city because there are less perks if you get one away from the city centre. Not only will it make it harder for you to get what you want (food, drinks, groceries, etc) at a moment’s notice, but the inconvenience of reaching wherever you need to go is a hassle.


One thing you have to look at when finding a home is if it’s close to a bustling nightlife. While this is not the priority above the amenities and convenience, it’s good if you have the option for a riveting experience at a bar, club, and more!

One of the great things in Cambodia, especially cities like Phnom Penh, is the nightlife. There are multiple themed bars and clubs, from art deco to sailors and more, so you can experience different things at a time. Not only that but locals and foreigners frequent it so you’re guaranteed a great time laughing and sharing intriguing stories with different nationalities! 


Among the factors you need to consider are amenities. Not only do you need to have a great place that fits everything you want it to have but it needs to have amenities that you can make full use of. Here are some things you need to consider when finding your home:

  • Elevators → For condominiums and apartments, elevators make it easier for you to reach your place quickly. 
  • Security → Your safety and security within your home is one of the top things you need to consider. Make sure the building or area you’re in has security and cameras installed in key areas to ensure that you’re safe. Condominiums often have 24 hours security and only residents and allowed guests can enter.
  • Gym → To keep you fit, having a place with a gym or close to it would make it easier for you to stay healthy.
  • Pool → Swimming any time you want, with friends, family, or even a partner, is fantastic so make sure one of the amenities you have close by is a pool.

Job market

Alongside making it easier for you to enjoy the city more, having a place where the job market is thriving is a great idea. Whether you have a job or not, it makes it easier for you to see your options and in case you need it, find a job that you want. Additionally, if the job market is thriving, you can interact with more people in the same field or different fields than you, increasing your connections.

Crime rate

One of the things you can’t overlook is checking the crime rate of the area. You have to make sure there’s little to no crime happening in your location, or if there is, it’s not flooded with heavy criminal acts. After all, even if your building has tight security, if the neighborhood has a high crime rate, then your safety is still at risk.

Choose the right area for you and make sure you consider all the factors above to safeguard your lifestyle, convenience and safety!

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