How to Use Colors at Home to Boost Your Mood

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Choosing a color for your home is more than just choosing your favorite color then starting to paint. Color can be complex and can make us feel certain emotions. Choosing the color for your home can either enhance or disrupt your mood. It’s important to understand color terminologies and how those colors can affect moods and home ambiance.

This article helps you determine the right color to select for your home, continue reading below.

Blue: The color of ocean, heaven and sky

Blue represents calm, peace, and stability. However, different shades speak differently here. Light blue is fresh and relaxing; it creates a cozy and safe atmosphere. Dark blue, on the other hand, is strong and thrilling; it can add a sense of strength to your home. Blue also helps to stimulate the mind’s creativity and productivity, making it a good choice for home offices.


Red: The color of love and confidence

Red is one powerful color. It can add a sense of affection and brings a feeling of passion and courage. It’s a popular color in rooms where people often gather like kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms since it boosts energy, excitement and helps start conversation.


Black and White: The absence of color

White represents purity and simplicity. This color makes the room feel more open, airy, spacious, and provides a cool and refreshing feeling that are perfect for living area. A warm shade of white can offer a modern, clean and cozy feeling.


Black stands for classic, elegance, power, and formality, which is why this color is commonly used for bachelor’s pad. It tends to make your room feel smaller and can evoke emotions such as sadness or anger. Using too much black can also negatively affect your mood, leaving you feel depressed, so it’s better to use sparingly as an accent color.


Pink: The color of sweetness and femininity

Pink symbolizes romance, caring, happiness, tenderness, and acceptance. It provides a sense of reassurance, calmness and makes people feel safe.


Green and Brown: The colors of nature

Brown represents earth and wood. Any shade of brown typically gives a sense of simplicity and comfort which can make people feel warm, comfortable, and secured.

Green signifies growth, freshness, balance, and health. It tends to make positive emotions stronger and negative emotions weaker, and improves creativity. It can also promote a feeling of connection to outdoors.


Yellow and Orange: The color of sun

Yellow is the color of brightness; the glow of the sun. It signifies joy, happiness, optimism, and hope. The right shade of yellow can uplift your mood and boost your self-esteem. Conversely, choosing the wrong shade will have the absolute opposite effect, provoking fear and anxiety.

Orange is a cheerful color since it’s a combination of red and yellow. It symbolizes balance, energy, enthusiasm, vibrant and demanding attention. Just like yellow, it can add warmth to your walls but the tone is much more intense.

Thus, these colors are best applied on hallways, walls and windows.


Purple: The royal color

There’s a reason why purple is called a royal color: it represents nobility, wealth, spirituality, and wisdom. It gives off luxurious and intimate energy. Moreover, it offers a very close and cozy environment in your bed room.


Gray: The versatile neutral tone

Gray is also one of the classic colors. It can be mix n’ match with any color on the wheel. However, too much gray tones at home can have an unsettling effect on the mind and body as it evoke feelings of loneliness and sadness.


When it comes to house paint, there are many options available. Applying these colors can have a great effect on the mood and ambiance of your home, so choose the color that sets the right mood for every room and area of your home.

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