How to Find the Best Tenants for Your Rental Property

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As a property owner in Cambodia, one of the most crucial aspects of managing a rental property is finding the right tenants. Selecting responsible and reliable individuals to rent your property ensures a steady stream of rental income and helps maintain the condition and value of your property in this unique and vibrant country.

Choosing tenants who are respectful, responsible, and financially stable can alleviate potential issues such as late rental payments, property damage, or disputes between neighbors, which can be challenging to navigate in an unfamiliar country. 

Furthermore, having the right tenants can reduce vacancy periods, contributing to a more consistent and reliable rental income in a country where rental properties are in high demand.

Read on for strategies to help you find the right tenants in Cambodia.

Preparing your Rental Property

To prepare your rental property, create a clean, well-maintained space by personally inspecting the property and addressing necessary repairs. Consider hiring cleaning services to ensure a spotless environment.

Also, maintain outdoor spaces and update fixtures and appliances to enhance your property’s appeal. This not only helps tenants feel at home but also saves on utility bills. Stage the property for a lived-in feel, capture different angles, and set a competitive rent based on research, unique features, expenses, and negotiation.

Proper Marketing of Rental Property

For effective rental property advertising in Cambodia, adopt a strategic approach by listing your property on popular platforms such as Realestate.com.kh, Cambodia Property, and Khmer 24 to maximize exposure to the target audience.

As Forbes suggests, craft a compelling property description by combining techniques that appeal to potential tenants. Use sensory words to create vivid mental images, enabling readers to envision themselves living in the space. Highlight unique features and amenities, such as recent upgrades or access to desirable facilities like gyms or swimming pools.

Include essential information in the rental listing or during the viewing, such as the tenant’s occupation to give an idea of their income, whether pets are allowed, and the number of occupants (how many kids and their ages) to ensure the property’s condition and to include it in the contract.

Screening Potential Tenants

Start by collecting rental applications to learn about applicants’ rental history and finances. Another essential aspect of screening is verifying applicants’ employment and income to ensure they can afford the rent, reducing the risk of late payments or evictions.

Contacting references like past landlords and employers offers insights into applicants’ reliability and behavior. Proper screening protects your property and fosters a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

Meeting with Prospective Tenants

During scheduled property viewings, assess whether the space meets tenants’ needs and if they’re a good match while addressing any questions they may have.

Watch for red flags, such as withholding personal information, an inconsistent job history, or poor landlord references. By being vigilant, you can make informed decisions and avoid potential problems, ensuring a positive rental experience for both parties.

Set Expectations Upfront

Reduce the number of unqualified queries by stating expectations upfront, either in the rental listing or during the viewing. Common tenant expectations in Cambodia include the following:

  1. The tenant will occupy the rental for a certain period of time.
  2. The tenant cannot have pets during the term of their lease agreement.

Finalizing the Lease Agreement

A well-drafted lease agreement is vital for a smooth and successful landlord-tenant relationship, clearly outlining the rental terms and conditions. This document should cover the following: 

  • rent amount, 
  • payment due dates, 
  • security deposit, 
  • lease duration, 
  • maintenance responsibilities, 
  • property rules, 
  • penalties for late payment, and 
  • termination conditions. 

Before signing the lease, have an open discussion with your tenant to set expectations for both parties. This minimizes misunderstandings and conflicts during the tenancy while encouraging your tenant to ask questions and clarify any doubts about the lease terms.

Maintain Mutual Respect to Retain Good Tenants

Building a relationship based on respect is important to keep good tenants, as it creates a feeling of trust and easy communication. By developing a friendly connection, landlords and tenants can cooperate to create a positive living situation, making sure both parties are happy and stable in the rental agreement.


Choosing responsible and reliable tenants ensures well-maintained properties and timely rent payments, leading to a positive rental experience for both tenants and property owners.

Property owners must prioritize tenant selection, as the right tenants significantly impact rental property management. Though the process may require patience and persistence, it pays off in the long run by securing reliable and trustworthy tenants.

At IPS, we offer safe, trustworthy, and affordable real estate services in Cambodia for all, regardless of race, skin color, sex, nationality, or religion. Our dedication to inclusivity ensures exceptional service for all clients while respecting their privacy by not invading personal information such as income and statements of accounts. We strive to create a secure, transparent, and respectful environment in the real estate process.

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