8 Types of Interior Design For Your Home

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Deciding how your home is going to look is the first step to creating a safe and comfortable space for you. Once you’ve filled it with the different furnishings and accents you want, you are guaranteed a place where your convenience is maximized. If you’re still deciding the design for your property in Cambodia, continue reading on the top eight interior designs you can do.

1. Traditional

The traditional interior design in Cambodia shows off the beauty and culture of the Khmer empire wherein the house is accented by intricately carved furnishings. Not only that but the furniture, house accents like rugs, drapes, and more are made by locals. These items fully emphasize the customs and traditions of Cambodians.

Additionally, most traditional Khmer houses would need to have a large space in the middle of the home for the whole family to spend time together.

2. Contemporary

A contemporary interior design fully accentuates the modern luxurious living without adhering to a strict style. This means, any popular style at the moment is regarded as contemporary unlike the modern interior design that follows a strict label. Furthermore, contemporary designs build on the popular designs of the past (modern, minimalist, or art deco), blending them together to create a chic and cozier home. However, this doesn’t mean that previous designs are emphasized in any way in a contemporary home since only elements of it are used.

Recent popular contemporary design highlights natural lights at home, bright colors as accents, and wide open floor plans. Besides that, most materials, furniture and accents are eco-friendly. Additionally, most contemporary designs can be applied not only to one part of the house but to all so your home can look more unified and relaxing.

3. Modern

The modern interior design makes a heavy use of black and white at home with other light colored accents that still emphasize a clean style. Since this design was created in the beginning of the 20th century, steel and glass are used most of the time in furniture to prioritize convenience and function. When there are accents like sculptures, art, or even a differently colored throw pillow, it is always carefully chosen so it matches and blends well with the design.

4. Mid-Century Modern

Capitalizing on the retro styles from the fabulous 40s to the swinging 60s with a modern twist is the mid-century modern interior design. It’s perfect for those who are into saturated colors around the house, allowing for vibrant hues that will get conversations going and flowing. In this style, furniture is commonly found with strong black lines that define them. 

Carefully picked art from wall paintings to sculptures are placed in key areas of the room, fully representing the home and its owner’s character. Not only that, since the priority in this design is comfort and a timeless style that ensures there’s a perfect blend between the outdoors and indoors, a variety of plants are well-placed within the home.

5. Rustic

The rustic design is famously known as “farmhouse” since the style primarily uses wood as its main element. Utilizing the ambience of living away from the city, a rustic design house ensures nature colors and minimalistic accents decorate the home. Additionally, the key to making a farmhouse designed home is making sure the furniture doesn’t necessarily match each other, as they would for other styles. 

While furniture and accents are not in pairs or more, this doesn’t mean the style will be frazzled and all over the place. A farmhouse design capitalizes on making the home look cozy, clean and elegant which is why these unique furnishings and accents work well together despite being different from each other.

6. Shabby Chic

When you want to have a cozy and laidback home inspired by antique and other vintage accents, then the shabby chic is the right style for you. It is built from the modern style mixed with contemporary showing clean elements and soft or faded colors. While most accents for shabby chic are represented by white and pastel, you can also add vibrant colors but make sure it doesn’t take over the whole room’s design.

7. Minimalist

The minimalist design is one of the most popular styles among others since it capitalizes on a clean, practical ambience for your home. It has the same style as contemporary but it emphasizes that the less furnishings and accents, the better. The key aspect of this design is function, including furniture that doubles as storage so the space isn’t filled with clutter. 

Color wise, minimalist designs prioritize neutral colors like gray, black and white but other colors can also be used as an accent as long as they are not too vibrant and loud for the room.

8. Art Deco

The opposite of minimalism, art deco prioritizes that the bigger and bolder the accents, the better. This goes from bright colors around the room to decorations that will catch your attention since it makes a statement and shows the character of the home’s owner. Most furniture in this style is large and has pointed metal edges, reminiscent of the industrial revolution where this was inspired from.

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