Cambodia Hailed as “The World’s Friendliest” in 2021

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Among Cambodia’s many wonders is just how friendly the people are.  

World's Friendliest Countries 2021

In the latest Rough Guides survey, the country was ranked the “world’s friendliest country,” followed in the Top Five by the Philippines, Laos, Nepal, and Thailand. 

1. Cambodia
2. Philippines
3. Laos
4. Nepal
5. Thailand
6. Myanmar
7. Indonesia
8. Fiji
9. Scotland
10. Sri Lanka

Moreover, in an Expert Insider survey and InterNations article, 96% of expats stated that Cambodians are very friendly, and 85% agreed on the welcoming nature of the people. 

As a hospitable community is one of the key factors in making a place conducive for residing, it was also found that 83% expats said that it is easy to settle down in Cambodia. 

Warmth and friendliness are easy to dismiss as mere traits of a certain culture or people group, but what makes it a wonder is just how much the Kingdom has been through: Cambodia has a painful history of civil war and genocide until conflict came to end in 1975. 

The same resilience carries on, as locals continue to be known for their hospitability and warmth amid a global health crisis—the Kingdom of Wonder, indeed. 

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