Why you need to consider living in the suburbs

When you’re looking for a new place to live in, you have to consider what kind of lifestyle you want. Rather than simply considering the current lifestyle you have, you also need to determine if you want to live in the peaceful and fulfilling suburbs or in the fast-paced and robust city. While the city has great advantages, especially for pursuing a career, it is not always the best place to live if you want to spend quality time with your family. In this case, the suburbs are the right fit for you.

Check out all the reasons why you need to consider living in the suburbs now:

1. Affordable

Living in the city is expensive. From the cost of living to properties you can live in, the base amount is always higher than it is in the suburbs since it’s the ground place of businesses, tourists, and commercial properties.

This means the studio you bought in a bustling city like Phnom Penh for less than $100,000 can already buy you a 3 bedroom house with 2 baths in the suburbs. While you shoulder the maintenance or any necessary repairs for the house, you also have a bigger space for the same price. And unlike living in condominiums in the city, there is no need to concern yourself with limited decoration ideas for a small space since you can do whatever you want with the house you bought. 

2. A sense of community

Getting to know the neighborhood and your neighbors is more possible when you live in the suburbs. Everyone seeks to build relationships and friendly camaraderie here, especially since it is guaranteed that you would be seeing them more often than not since the suburbs is the place you want to be in if you and your family plan to live there for a long time. Sharing meals, banters, and helping each other is common in the suburbs. This is a sense of community you rarely see in the city.

3. Bigger properties

Since there is a considerably smaller population in the suburbs, the properties are bigger and communities are closely knit. This is unlike in the city where condominiums and apartments are common, ensuring more people can live and take advantage of the opportunities that the city offers. Additionally, bigger properties does not mean higher prices since they’re affordable at the same cost of a smaller space you buy in the city.

4. Large outdoor space

You can create the garden or yard of your dreams with the property you buy in the suburbs. Since bigger properties also mean bigger outdoor space, you can do whatever you want with it. Whether adding a soulful garden that will make you relax or even having your own playground for your child, it’s up to you since you have the space for it! This is not possible in the city since whatever unit you have, that’s all you can decorate.

5. Peaceful and clean environment

Being in the suburbs with less foot traffic and the hectic life of the city allows for a peaceful environment. The surroundings are often cleaned so it’s always safe for you and your family to go out and explore the neighborhood. Additionally, you do not have to worry about those who will break the anti-noise pollution laws in the suburbs since rowdy parties and the like are rare. 

6. Quality school

Quality of life in the suburbs is prioritised which includes academic institutions and the curriculum that teaches your children their education. You can rest assured that education in the suburbs is as competitive as the city’s with higher success rate for graduations and higher grades. 

7. Higher quality of living

The cost of living in suburbs can be relatively higher compared to the city when it comes to transportation and entertainment. This is due to more residents having their own cars and less businesses that offer entertainment unlike in the city.

However, higher quality of living is guaranteed since you can ensure that you don’t have to stay on a strict budget to afford a small apartment in the city. Additionally, a clean and peaceful environment allows you to focus more on improving yourself through exercise or other recreational activities.

8. Safe neighborhood

Rest assured that crime rates in the suburbs are less compared to the city. Besides the police, sometimes groups within it create their own neighborhood watcher associations dedicated to ensuring the safety of the community. This doubles the safety policies and allows you and your family to live safely and peacefully.

9. Other kids

Since the suburbs are one of the safest places to comfortably live with your family, a lot of families with children tend to live there. This means raising your children surrounded by other kids their age that they can befriend are more possible. Additionally, children can enjoy recreational activities that you can’t often do in the city like going on bike rides, hiking in the forest, and more!

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