Borey Living: Its Rise in Popularity in Cambodia

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The key to finding a great home is to get one in a good location where you and your family can be safe. Amid numerous real estate properties, gated communities have become popular over the years since they check all the boxes as a terrific area to live in. Otherwise known as Boreys, these communities prioritize safety of its residents as well as providing numerous benefits. See the perks of living in Boreys that many Cambodians enjoy:

1. Close to city center

Borey developments are increasing in number but all of them are guaranteed to have great locations. For example, most of them are close to the city center so it’s convenient for everyone who needs to be in the city quickly. 

2. It’s secured

One of the best things in Boreys is how safe it is due to numerous security measures that developers implement. This includes strategic cameras placed in public areas of the community, making it easier to monitor if suspicious individuals are there. Moreover, security guards are posted to ensure safety for all hours. Besides that, some gated communities are strict to who they allow to enter it, often denying entry to those who aren’t guests and more.

3. It’s convenient

All Borey projects are created with convenience in mind. This means everything you can think of, from grocery stores to good schools, it’s close to it all. After all, developers take careful consideration of the location to ensure the project is successful. Not only that but community-events, maintenance systems, and more are also available within these projects. Make sure to ask the Borey developer for details about the project so you know what conveniences you can take advantage of.

4. Plenty of amenities

If you want to be close to a park, playground, and more, then you need to live in a Borey in Cambodia. Common recreational activities and leisure spots within the community are included in a Borey’s development plan to guarantee the highest quality of living for its residents.

5. Numerous property types to choose from

One of the common misconceptions in Boreys is that you have limited options to the type of real estate properties available. This cannot be further from the truth since you have plenty of options! If you are fond of condo living but also want everything that a gated community offers, then you can rent or buy a condominium unit within a Borey. Different houses and luxurious villas are also available for you! This makes it easy to find a home that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Get the Borey home you deserve

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