Review: Daun Penh


In our continuing series of residential areas in Phnom Penh, we look at the area of Khan Daun Penh that includes the riverside, Wat Phnom and much of downtown Phnom Penh.

Khan Daun Penh is located on the banks of the Tonle Bassac River, bounded to the north by the Japanese Friendship Bridge (Road 70), Monivong Boulevard to the west and Sihanouk Boulevard to the south. The area is best known for the number of riverside restaurant areas and the nightlife scene on Street 51. Like most of Phnom Penh, this area is undergoing some rapid development. Much of this development is for commercial purposes, however, there can be seen some new residential apartment construction, in addition to a number of renovations of older style housing.

From the riverside to Norodom Boulevard, the housing options are dominated by shophouse-style accommodation. There are very few large villas around this area, except for the concentrations to the north and the south of the Khan. From Norodom Boulevard west to Monivong Boulevard, there is much more of a mix of housing styles, with many more villas in this area to cater to those wanting more open space.

Being in the centre of Phnom Penh, it is not surprising that rents in Khan Daun Penh are higher than in surrounding suburbs, yet there are still some great offerings if you don’t mind higher density living. The attraction is obviously the convenience of being within walking distance of almost anything you need, with a plethora of restaurants, bars, supermarkets, spas and a cinema complex in the area. Shopfront apartments in this area are commonly priced from as low as US$350 and up to US$1,200 pcm, and are mostly one to two bedroom properties with a business of some sort on the ground floor. Villas in Daun Penh are in the city’s higher range of rents, and can range from US$2,000 to US$4,000 pcm depending on size and condition.

There are a number of apartment blocks such as Green Mansion 3, Palm Palace, Garden Mansion, Elegant Apartments, Samdech Pan Suites and now the exclusive Maline Apartments. For a single bedroom in these blocks, the price will range from US$600 to US$1,500, while for a two to three bedroom option, you can expect to pay anywhere from US$900 to as high as US$3,500 pcm.

Khan Daun Penh remains the hub of Phnom Penh. During the day, the area sees busy workers and shop owners plying their trade, and as dusk arrives, restaurants and bars open and the streets fill with locals, expatriates and tourists revelling in the diversity of entertainment options. This area is great for people with the desire to experience the heartbeat of the city.