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Phnom Penh Area Guides is a collection of helpful guides in Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is the heart of Cambodia. It is the country’s economic, industrial and cultural center. If you want to know where and what to do in Phnom Penh, we have your back. IPS Cambodia’s exclusive guides can help both local and foreigners alike. Learn how to navigate, travel and live in this beautiful city.
Which area are you planning to live? Our Phnom Penh Area Guides gives you detailed information about popular districts. Cambodia is a city with deep cultural heritage. It’s not just a place to call home. This section allows you to understand each area a little deeper.
Instead of merely giving you directions, we provided a brief history of the area. Get a rundown of places to go for a casual night out and/or partying, if that is what you want. Find the schools available in each area and the government offices that calls it home. This section provides you with insights of which areas are ideal as commercial or residential. Which district is fit as for tourists, and which one is ideal for a family home. You can find all that in this section of our blog.

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