Syto Nhiev

Phnom Penh Branch Director

Syto Nhiev began working at IPS as a Property Manager in 2013, overseeing the management of medium apartment complexes and several single apartments in central Phnom Penh. Drawing from years of experience as one of the pioneers at IPS, he has gained an extensive knowledge of the different areas and neighborhoods across Phnom Penh and is an expert in commercial estates, as well as engaging with businessmen and investors which is why he was then promoted as the Head of Commercial Real Estate.

Offering thorough guidance not only to his clients but also to his co-agents, Syto was given a new role as the Lead Agent to spearhead initiatives to improve current systems and ensure that issues are addressed promptly, with a strong customer-service mindset. 

He had completed two internships at Micro Financial Institution and US Embassy in Phnom Penh, where he gained an experience in financial control database and administration. Syto holds a Bachelor degree in Finance and Banking from National University of Management.

We walked in off the street one day as we had just hit the ground in Phnom Penh and were looking for a long term rental. Within 10 mins IPS staff had organized to take us around to view a number of properties within our requirements. The staff member who assisted us, Syto, was great with excellent English and enthusiasm to find us something we would be happy with. He showed us a great selection of properties and worked hard to find options that met our budget and needs resulting in us settling on a fantastic place that day. He even had a good recommendation for lunch! All in all a very satisfying experience, thanks to IPS Cambodia and particularly Syto. – Leroy Van Winkle

As Cambodia’s foremost real estate company, IPS has grown quickly in its eight years of operation and now has two strategically placed offices in Cambodia’s strongest business districts of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Find out why IPS is a force in the Cambodia real estate market. Contact Syto Nhiev today for a free consultation or continue browsing over 5,000 residential or commercial properties.

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