Review: Toul Kork


In this article, in our continuing series of emerging residential areas in Phnom Penh, we will look at the large Sangkats of Boeungkak 1 & 2, better known to expatriates as Toul Kork.

Toul Kork is located in the north and northeast of central Phnom Penh, with the sangkats of Boeung Kak comprising the areas around Boeung Kak Lake and the developed areas to the west. Boeung Kak 1 & 2 are bounded by the main arterial roads of Russian Confederation Boulevard to the south, Monivong Boulevard to the east, Roads 70/273/355 to the north and road 598 to the west.

In recent times, there has been considerable development of the Toul Kork area, including the ongoing construction on the now filled in Boeung Kak Lake and the CamCo City developments.

The Boeung Kak Lake development is slated to become a residential and commercial district. Work is just beginning on this large and ambitious project, and it is proceeding in earnest, with early road construction currently being undertaken. The CamKoCity development also features residential properties and commercial areas, and is at a more advanced stage of development with stage 1 being completed, however it still has some time before being fully completed.

Toul Kork has lately seen an increase in the number of restaurants and entertainment establishments that cater to a diversity of tastes. A number of coffee shops have also been established, including those on the popular TK Avenue, to meet the demand of the expanding population in the area. Much of the new growth is not only middle class locals, but also many expatriate families, both of which work in the city and commute daily. Although the commute to the city is not a long one, there can be delays largely due to the volume of traffic heading into the city and the nature of the road system.

There are a number of serviced apartment options in Toul Kork including the large and well-established DeCastle buildings, Morodok Khmer Apartments, Chey Phumin Apartments, Nobeless and the relative new ISL Modern Apartment complex. The ISL building has just been completed and is the standout product offering in the Toul Kork apartment scene. Two bedroom apartments in these complexes are priced between US$800 to US$1,500 per month.

Villas in the area are common and of a variable quality and size, and are priced be-tween US$1,800 to $3,500. Some of the villas resemble modern concrete castles, complete with maid quarters and separate kitchens uncoupled from the main living areas. However, there are some smaller, neater villas nestled amongst these monstrosities that are more appealing to western tastes.