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The Features section hosts some of the best articles IPS Cambodia can offer. Cambodia is a country with deep cultural heritage and tradition. There are many interesting things that you will learn here. From food, markets, hospitals, festivals, and visa requirements, it’s all worth learning prior to your visit.
These articles give you a glimpse of life in the Kingdom. It provides you with useful information about the country and its people. Check our rich entries of evergreen guides. Discover real estate insights and trend summarizes. Understand the past and where real estate industry is heading. Familiarize yourself with the evolving landscape of Cambodia real estate.
Be guided on things to do and what to consider when moving to the Kingdom. Find out where to buy your home and what type of property ownership is right for you. Learn about the festivals celebrated in the country. Check out which school is right for your children. Get an idea of the best places to live with your family. Get help in choosing the type of property that you need. Watch out for the areas that have good investment potential. Get educated on the laws governing foreigners in Cambodia. And so much more!
Also check out the web copy of the Cambodia Property Magazine included in the Features section. This bi-yearly issued magazine focuses on topics specific to Cambodia Real Estate.