Large Property with Western-built Villas and Bungalows, built on landscaped land.

$ 1,600,000

Svay Dong Kom, Siem Reap
Property Code: 6350

Property Description

This is one of the nicest properties available in Siem Reap, and is now available to buy.

This is a huge property, which contains 4 pieces of land, western-built villas, garden bungalows, landscaped gardens, natural water features, paths and walkways, outdoor gazebos, a salt water swimming pool, and vegetative growth that has been grown and developed for 17 years.

The 17,582m2 property is 5 minutes drive from downtown Siem Reap (Old Market) and 10 km from the famous Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia. The property has multiple entrances and joins a brand new paved road leading directly to the heart of the city.

The 1st parcel is 4,998m2. It has no buildings and consists of large expanses of land, big trees, bamboo trees, mango trees and a pineapple plantation.

The 2nd parcel is 5,801m2 and is built with 3 western-style concrete houses (total 5 AC bedrooms and 5 bathrooms + 2 kitchens), 1 wooden bungalow, and an outdoor gazebo which functions as an open massage room, overlooking the lake. It has a lot of big trees, 2 ponds, bushes, maintained lawn, and flowers in the landscaped garden. It includes a water system and 3-phase electricity system.

The 3rd parcel is 6,159m2. It is very well developed with a landscaped garden with lots of trees and large maintained lawns. It has 1 reception/dining room, one 15m x 6m salt water swimming pool, 7 wooden bungalows, 2 small houses (each with 2 bedrooms), and 7 bathrooms. It also has a water system and 3-phase electricity system.

This piece of land is currently rented out to a retreat center and returns a monthly income to the land owner.

The 4th parcel is 622m2 and is currently used as a parking lot.

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  • 17,582m2 of land
  • Multiple road access
  • 5 minutes drive to city centre
  • 17 bedrooms
  • 15 m salt water swimming pool
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pool
  • Secure Parking

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